Reason for Real madrid vs Barcelona El Clasico Rivarly

Reason for Real madrid vs Barcelona El Clasico Rivarly

What is El Clasico?

El Clasico (The classic) is the name of the biggest football game in the world. It is the most viewed sporting event all over the world.

Beginning of El Clasico

This rivalry between the 2 biggest football teams in Europe started from the Spanish Civil war (1936-1939).

What is the Spanish Civil war

The Spanish Civil war was a conflict between Left and Right. Where “Left” represented Republicans and “Right” represented the Nationalist.

Republicans were the democratically elected government. They comprised of Spanish government together with unions, communists, anarchists, workers, and peasants. Republicans didn’t want any monarchy in power. They were in support of full elected Democracy. 

While Nationalist was the opposite. Nationalist included the rebel part of the army, the bourgeoisie, the landlords, and, generally, the upper classes.
Spain was established as Republican in 1931. During the 1930’s period, there was a constant rift between Left and Right. In 1936 Elections, “Leftist Popular front” narrowly won the Spanish Election.

In 1936, Manuel Azaña was democratically elected Republican, serving as the president of Spain. A coup d'etat led by General Francisco Franco was against Manuel Azana. They send troops against the Republicans. Spain erupted into a civil war. “Left” The Republican side was supported by the Soviet Union and the European democracies, while the Nationalist side had the support of Nazi's Germany and fascist Italy. It meant Nationalist was better armed. Therefore resulted in their victory and a dictatorship ruled the country for almost 40 years. It is believed around 200-500 thousand people were killed during this Civil War.

Early History

Real Madrid C.F. was established in the year 1902. Real Madrid was pitched as an idea of honor to Spain’s King Alphonso XIII. In 1920 King Alphonso XIII gave Royal “REAL” title to Real Madrid.
While Football Club Barcelona was established in 1899 by Joan Gamper along with 11 other members. FCB represented the Catalonia region of Spain. Catalans have always found them to be different from then the rest of Spain because of different cultures, languages, and traditions.

By the 1920s, Football Club Barcelona had already become a symbol of Catalan-ism, which openly opposed the central Madrid-based governments. During the dictatorship of Miguel Primo de Rivera (1923-30), the Catalan language was prohibited and the freedoms of the Catalan people were severely restricted. Supporting FC Barcelona was one of the few ways they could express their national identity.

How the Spanish Civil war affected this rivalry.

In 1936, when Francisco Franco started the Coup d'état against the democratic, the president of Barcelona, Josep Sunyol, who was a member of the Republican Left of Catalonia and Deputy to The Cortes, was arrested and executed without trial by Franco's troops. During Franco’s dictatorship, most of the citizens of Barcelona were against their regime. Since Barcelona bitterly fought Franco's policies. One of the main reasons that the rivalry increased in intensity was that during the years that Franco was head of state in Spain there was a significant supress on Catalan culture and language. Camp Nou (Barcelona's stadium) was one of the only places that the Catalan identified as a medium to express their feelings, culture, and language , whereas Real Madrid was seen as the club of the establishment and central Spanish authorities.

During that period Football was growing and people of Catalonia who were supporting Barca showed their hatred to General Franco. Therefore it got the name mes que un club,” more than a club. 

Francos fought against the Republicans of Barcelona and Barca was at the center of Catalonia Nationalism. So, we can understand why people thought he had a hatred for Barcelona not only in political terms but in Football. Franco was understood to use Real Madrid for his political propaganda. This divided the fans of respected clubs further. Barcelona hated Real Madrid even more. 

It was not like Francos was totally against the Barcelona football team. Some of the authority at Barca had a really good relationship with him. He was regularly awarded by them for his regime. Franco even made the construction of Camp Nou a priority. But still, for the most part, it is accepted in Barcelona fans and Spanish fans that Real Madrid was favored by Franco.

Adding to fuel there it is believed by Barcelona fans that there was a conspiracy by Franco’s government. In 1943 Copa del Rey whose first leg ended with a scoreline was 3-0 in favor of Barcelona. While during the return leg Barcelona players were met by the director of state securities, he reminded the players how the state has allowed Catalonia to be part of Spain and let them remain in the country. It was their generosity to allow them in Country and was taken as an indirect threat. Second leg ended with 11-0 in favor of Real Madrid. It is believed in Catalan fans that Barcelona players were threatened to play poor.

How Di Stefano affected rivalry

The rivalry was deepened by Di Stefano's transfer. Real Madrid and Barcelona were eager to sign him. It is believed in Real Madrid Fans that Barcelona approached the wrong people and got a contract with Di Stefano first. Real Madrid approached the right people and got a contract. They both argued the validity of their contracts but in the end, Di Stefano joined Real Madrid. 

Contradicting to it Barcelona fans have a different stand on this matter. According to them, both clubs were after his signature. While they were close to signing the player Spanish Football federation banned foreign players signing while allowing Real Madrid to sign De Stefano. This created a disagreement in the Spanish Football Federation. Who proposed the idea of Di Stefano playing for both clubs for 2-2 years respectively. It is believed Barcelona president at that time was backed by Franco and he was asked by Franco to move back from Stefano's signing.

That single incident created the most impact on the rivalry and the rumor of this conspiracy theories in Catalonia turned against Real Madrid and the rivalry grew with time. The rest is history, Real Madrid won 8 league titles, 5 consecutive European crowns. This left more than a bitter taste in FC Barcelona's fans' mouth.

Current Situation

After this, in Oct 2017 there was a referendum on the idea of having Catalonia a different country. Many activists are fighting for their freedom. 9 of those were recently jailed which resulted in mass protest and rescheduled the coming El Clasico from Oct 2019 to Dec 2019.
Real Madrid and Barcelona encounter never disappoint to impress. 22 best players in the World Football compete against each other with different Football philosophy. 

Recently, Clasico was more about Ronaldo vs Messi. Now as Ronaldo is no longer in the picture and their is political unrest in Catalonia. El Clasico has regained its hype in terms of political agenda from Catalans.  

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